ߞߥߊߓߏ Kwabo – Welcome to Gànlɔdó Xotome

The Maroon Monarchy of Gànlɔdó was founded in the year 6253 AX (2012 CE) by Ayinon (His Imperial Majesty) Axosu Agelogbagan Azasikpontin Jisovi Agbovi I (Axosu = king). In 6151 (2010) he made history by becoming the first ever axosu crowned outside of Benin Republic. This was a historical move that restored his royal lineage from the ancient monarchy of Xevie that was interrupted by the captivity of his ancestor Sagbaju, in the year 6063 AX (1822 CE). Gànlɔdó Kilombonu Xotome (Ganlodo Maroon Monarchy) is a Maroon Monarchy. Maroon meaning being set apart and away from the chaos caused by degeneracy. The Monarchy of Gànlɔdó is based in Maroonage as we have defined it through the Kilombo Paradigm.

First, we would like to define certain things. The Kilɔmbo Paradigm is based upon the conscious cultural, economic and sovereign actions of the Maroons who never sided with Europeans – the true Maroons. Who are the Maroons? They were the Máwùfɛnugbeto (Afrikans) who resisted all attempts towards their captivity by Europeans. Not only this, they consciously built independent nations, as outlayer societies, with governments based on Afrikan traditions; including Afrikan spiritual traditions. Thus, they created Maroon societies or nations. In Brazil, these nations were referred to by the Portuguese as quilombos, which is a corruption of the Ki-Kongo term “Kilɔmbo”, which means “settlement, encampment, territory, nation”. The members of such Kilɔmbos were called Maroons in certain places. We at Gànlɔdó operate from the Maroon philosophy. However, we prefer to stick with Afrikan terminology. Therefore, our term for a Maroonage and Maroon settlements is Kilɔmbo or Kilɔmbonu. Those who follow such philosophy, and will live in such territories (the latter not being necessary) are called Kilɔmbomuntu; a Ki Kongo term meaning a true human being, who follows their divine self, who is part of the Kilɔmbo mentally and physically.

The Kilɔmbo Paradigm covers every aspect of people activity from its political, to economic, to cultural outlook. The most current figure to inform the Kilɔmbo Paradigm is Marcus Garvey and the UNIA movement he created. Therefore, the Kilɔmbo Paradigm is very “Garveyan” in its approach, yet it considers our current situation from an intergenerational position. The Kilɔmbo Paradigm is meant to be intergenerational and is in no way a reactive movement to external forces. What does it teach? First, the Kilɔmbo Paradigm teaches that our goal should be full medesusinino (sovereignty in the Aja language). With the crumbling of one comes the rise of another. If your current “master” is crumbling, then you should be focusing on rising. That is the way of nations. The medesusinino we seek is totally pursued with our full culture intact. Gànlɔdó is a fully functional Afrikan monarchy based in the Aja culture of what is now known as Benin Republic. Aja is the general collective term for different ethnic groups such as the Fon, Hula, Seto, Ayizo, Xweda, kwk. Ganlodo is open to heterosexual Afrikan (“black”) people only.

Ganlodo is not open to any form of dissexuality – interracial relationships, homosexuality, sexual deviance of any kind, kwk. The spiritual way of life that is lived by Gànlɔdónugbeto (family-citizens of Gànlɔdó ) is Afrikan Vodun (not to be confused with Haitian Vodu). As a Kilombonu Xotome (Maroon Monarchy), like the true Maroons of the past, the location of Gànlɔdó is not freely shared with those outside of the Gànlɔdó family. What do we do? Our function is the development of sovereignty through family development and nation building. We do this by providing the proper Vodun spiritual services and solutions to our people whether they are Gànlɔdónugbeto or not. This includes roots readings, zoto readings, general Ifa readings, individual, couple and family counseling, and providing initiations and various kinds of deity work. One of the biggest services provided by Gànlɔdó to the community is its ancestral elevation and reconciliation work. For those wishing to contact us to learn more and see how they may join our nation building efforts, feel free to contact us at ekaabokilombo@gmail.com.