Hwetanu Ganlodo – Annual Ganlodo New Year’s Celebration

The Ganlodo Afrikan Vodun New Year is but yet around the corner starring Kulito 1, 6261 A.X. Looking at our sacred calendar and the will of the deities and ancestors for Kilombomuntu (Maroons), this looks to be a grand year coming up. Stay tuned on how you can join and/or contribute to the powerful àṣẹ during this time. There will be an annual ancestor cleansing and other events specific to the Kilombo (Maroon) aspect of utilizing authentic African Vodun culture to family develop, nation build and obtaining sovereignty.

Our calendar begins on the vernal equinox of every year, falling this year on the yovo Thursday, March 19, 2020. This is a very sacred time of the year for us as Afrikans filled with ritual, contemplation and celebration in a fascinating Afrikan blend. Join us in spirit for the Hwetanu.